Why does Sandra on Gogglebox drink out of a pot noodle cup?

Respect to Sandra on Channel 4′s Gogglebox who we see in every episode drinking out of a pot noodle pot. She’s recycled it into a cup for her orange squash!

sandra on gogglebox recycling her pot noodle pot by using it as a cup

Why does she do it? It’s the question on all the viewer’s minds – it’s been trending on Twitter and all my Facebook friends have been going on about it. Even Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw was talking about it on his show this morning with Alan Carr.

I don’t know the answer to this question but I’m guessing she’s an avid recycler like me. I’ve been looking at ways to recycle all sorts of objects – from egg boxes to plastic milk bottles. I came across some fantastic ideas on Pinterest:

A great gift idea to present mini cupcakes in an egg box

recycling egg boxes for a cupcake box

Turning tins into pen pots (I might give this a whirl for my office secret Santa present)

recycling a tin into a pencil pot

An ingenious use for a milk bottle is turning it into a trowel or a dustpan

recycling a plastic milk bottle into a trowel

I’ve been inspired to recycle by waste pickers in Nepal. Dire poverty forces thousands of people to make a living from picking through rubbish. These waste pickers sell materials such as plastic, metal, cloth and paper that they’ve collected from rubbish dumps, bins and from along roadsides.

This is a waste picker working on a rubbish dump in Kathmandu, Nepal

But the charity I work for, Practical Action, has been transforming they lives by giving them access to safety equipment, health insurance and education, and building entrepreneurial skills so they can make products out of recyclable materials to sell – products like coasters, table mats, mobile phone covers, baskets, loofahs, purses and keyrings.

products made from recycled plastic bags made by waste pickers in Nepal

My favourite is this purse:

a purse made out of plastic bags by waste pickers in nepal

I love the fact that these women have been empowered to set up their own businesses and are helping themselves out of poverty through recycling!

So next time you throw away something that could be recycled, think about Sandra and her Pot Noodle cup and the waste pickers in Nepal. You could turn it into something that you could use over and over again or turn it into a gift!

Find out more about Practical Action’s inspiring waste picker project and how it’s transforming lives.


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